Thursday, October 2, 2008

The purpose of this blog... to make it easier for those participating in the Nobama 08, Tuesday blog bursts, to get the html code without the cumbersome e-mailing process.
If you have a post for the blog burst, go ahead and post it, those who are authors can grab the html and post it on their sites.
If you aren't a author, but still want to participate, grab or link the post and o for it!
Let's, "Git 'er done!", folks!

Nobama In 08!


Debbie said...

Great idea, genius. Thanks for including me.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

The Merry Widow said...

Check the invite I sent, should have the link. I'm off to give you admin priveledge.

Welcome aboard!

The Merry Widow said...

Okay, you now have admin priveleges, which means if you come up with a post, put it over here and it may get grabbed!


heidianne jackson said...

yea! it finally let me in. thanks tmw for getting this done!

The Merry Widow said...

Heidianne-I'm off to give you admin privileges.


The Merry Widow said...



Papa Frank said...

The Par-tay may now begin!!!

Anonymous said...

Woo-Hoo! I'm in. Hi guys!

Always On Watch said...

Here I am!

The Merry Widow said...

Okay, all y'all are now official, there are 9 more invites that haven't been answered there may be some smaller parties down the road.
Anyone who wants to invite folks like; Chuck and some others, you can do so.
We have room for 80 more if we get affirmatives from these last 9.
Good night then!

FJ-I preordered a taxi for you and your flying horses, same guy who got you back from my have fun!

Jungle Mom said...

Aqui estoy!

Beamish said...

zup y'all?

Z said...

I'm sorry; the only way I'M joining is if Papa Frank's 'Choice A' Joe Six Pack is also invited.
I have my standards.
thanks for doing the heavy stuff, tmw.
If Joe were here, he could help

The Merry Widow said...

Morning all!
Waitting for 8 more replies, John, Steve, Pastorius, Nanc, Beaker, yada, yada, yada.
G*D bless and Maranatha!