Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"The Last Country of Freedom and Possibility?"

In 1970 a KGB operative from the USSR, an expert in Indian culture and languages, found himself disgusted with the Soviet system and made his way to the West. His migration was at great personal risk, but he had decided he must be free and so he defected to the United States.

In 1984, G. Edward Griffin conducted an indepth interview of the ex-KGB operative, Yuri Bezmenov, which was essentially a study of comparison and contrast between the United States and the USSR. A portion of that interview is in the video below. It's important, as you watch this video, to remember that this interview is from 1984 - amazing how no one heeded his warnings and we are so much further down the path to total communism/socialism than we were then.

In 1984, Mr. Griffin billed Mr. Bezmenov as "one of the world’s outstanding experts on the subject of Soviet propaganda and disinformation and active measures." And while I've been unable to find anything on or from Mr. Bezmenov within the past few years - IF he is still alive, I have to believe that this moniker would still stand.

In November of last year, Useless Dissident transcribed a different part of this same interview. It's a great read that gives you a little bit of Yuri's background and where he's coming from in making the statements he makes in the above mentioned interview.

Very early in that interview - remember this was 25 years ago - Mr. Griffin put forth the following question:

"In this country, at the university level primarily, we read and hear that the Soviet system is different from ours, but not that different. And that there is a convergence developing between all of the systems of the world, and that really it doesn’t make an awful lot of difference what system you live under because you have corruption and dishonesty and tyranny and all that sort of thing. From your personal experience, what is the difference between life under Communism and life in the United States?"

It's clear that, although few of us realized it at the time, we were already well down the path to the one world 'convergence', ne collectivism, that Mr. Griffin mentions in his question. And today we're running down that road with the blessing of a good percentage of the [uninformed] population.

It's obvious that we never did heed bezmenov's recommendations for the proper, America-appreciating education of our youth and our citizens - So is it now too late for the U.S.?

What of the "force" he speaks of? Obama has been in office less than 30 days and we are further down the road to complete socialism than any could have thought would be possible after 30 months.

The constitution is worse than, as Thomas Jefferson warned, a 'mere thing of wax' in the hands of the Judiciary - It is now nothing more than a wad of trash in the hands of the most horrible Congress in the history of our country. The graceless bunglers making up this current Congress is working hard to reduce our country to a country of collectivism.

And if we don't stop it now, it will be too late.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Great job, Warren! Snagged and posted!

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Okay, I put in a h/t to Warren, Z & Heidi Anne. Did I leave anyone out? If so, let me know & I'll modify!

Always On Watch said...

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Warren said...

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John said...

Notice that a remedy the gentleman proposed involved a return to nationalism. This is precisely what the Bush Administration pumped into the shell-shocked American psych after 9/11, the first anniversary on 9/11, 2002 showcasing gigantic American flags draping building in American cities and towns across the land.

With the return of God, Mother, and Country, The Left hit red alert, and it was then that the propaganda campaign against "fascism" was launched, to denigrate the very thing America needed: patriotism.

There were less flags the following year, and even less after that.

However, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a return to the use of such flagrant, ubiquitous national symbolism, but this time with the associations redefined, the Stars & Stripes explicitly--but meaninglessly-- standing for the "Land of the Free," but implicitly for some Marxist Brotherhood of Man.

They're already doing that with the word "patriotism." After proving themselves unpatriotic and carrying that stigma thtrough the failed elections of '00, '02, and '04, they seized control of that word--after whining about it being used against them-- and are now siccing it like rabid wolves against those who don't like higher taxes.

Warren said...

John, (everybody)
We haven't talked about it but I hope in this series of posts to educate people.

Zabelle asked me if I came up with the phrase "Educating the People"

I guess I did. And I've been thinking about it for a while.

Liberalism/Progressivism, (Socialism), is an anti-intellectual, unprincipled and immoral ideology. I doesn't require thought, only feelings, and those feelings do not represent reality.

Socialism makes promises it cannot, and has never, kept. It holds out utopia in exchange for your freedoms.

In contrast, Conservatism is a moral, principled and intellectual ideology that requires education. It promises freedom, if you show responsibility and if you can keep it.

I want to educate people in all the aspects of freedom and the principled ideology of Conservatism from its roots through today.

I consider it pointless to argue with leftists. When they loose the intellectual argument, and they always do, the argument turns to ad hominem. Their sole reason to engage you is to waste your time.

If a whole army of these petty fascists call me unpatriotic, it phases me not at all. Its simply BS.

I hope others will join us in researching composing and publishing educational material that will show the superiority of Conservatism and Conservative/Libertarian Philosophy.

Conservatism means to conserve that which works best and that which is principled.

I think that is where we need to be at this time.


Anonymous said...

We never learn from the past, so we're destined to repeat it. Nobody learned from this man, so we are heading down that road.

NobodyofValue said...

Learn from the past? Really? I do not see how we, as Americans, do not learn from the past. It baffles me. We only take several HISTORY classes, pointing out the major failures and faults of our forefathers. Let alone, we ignore their words. What do they know? They have just lived through all this before... sigh... Great post, hope America can bounce back.

WisdomFromTorah said...

Even as Socialistic that FDR was, his motive was really helping people. But it was Capitalism that ultimately fix the economy. President Regean knew that. "Those who fail to learn from history's mistakes, are doom to repeat it!" President Obama is doing all the mistakes, making all the wrong moves...what a shame!

Do I need to say more! I will however!

We started out as a Republic...it would now seem we are a Democracy...the next step is dictatorship of the elite. Where is it going? President Regean was big on states right! President Obama is big on elitism. What a shame.

In a Republic the laws never change, In a Democracy laws change with the wind and whims of people.

Could you as child imagine you parents changing the house rules every week; first one way then another. You wouldn't know what was OK or not.

“The problem with socialism is eventually you run out of other peoples money” Golda Meir

How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya? said...

Excellent blog, with some very good writers, Congratulations to you all.